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The Mobile Belle Leadership Program


The Mobile Belles are a group of young women who represent the Historic Mobile Preservation Society and the community as ambassadors of southern history, culture, and hospitality. The program, which began in 2008, instructs high school students in historic preservation and providing them with the skills needed to confidently serve as docents at the Historic Oakleigh House Museum and the Richards DAR House Museum.


Mobile Belles have a lot of responsibility; and a lot of fun! They are smart, funny, and will become leaders in their communities. Mobile Belles conduct tours through the Historic Oakleigh House Museum, the Richards DAR House, and participate in special events. 


Mandatory monthly meetings, with special guests, help develop the skills necessary to become successful community advocates as well as future historic preservationists. In the course of carrying out their duties, they will have the opportunity to absorb the history of their city from a unique perspective. Learning how the past can impact the present and the future is one of the perks of becoming an Mobile Belle, and will be a life-long asset.


Mobile Belles are active in their schools and are required to maintain a cumulative "B" grade average. Because the Mobile Belles interact so closely with the public, they must be outgoing, poised, and possess excellent communication skills. In addition, they must have a passion for history.

Check out the Belle's Facebook page to find out more.


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